Our services

Grant writing, EU project proposals – we convert your idea into a project proposal for funding

You have a brilliant idea but you shy away of the administrative workload to establish a competitive proposal for funding? You want to be part of an EU project and are looking for a consortium? You need support in the project communication in English?
We take over the whole or parts of the organisation of (EU-)project preparation:

We identify funding opportunities, build up the consortium, analyse the call and manage the process until the submission of your proposal or application. If needed, freesia innovation is also a partner or coordinator of your project in research, innovation, education and training (see project examples) for Horizon Europe or Erasmus 2021-2027.

Try out our services and book a package of 10 consulting days.

Project management – we monitor and steer your project activities

You want to focus on the scientific part of the project or you do not want to take over the monitoring and financial management? freesia innovation takes over all or part of the project management activities of your EU project. It takes care of the project communication in English and reports to you periodically or in case specific interventions are needed. It assists you in reporting to the EU or to the project coordinator. We monitor risks and suggest specific mitigation actions and take over the crisis management.

EU project coordination or partnership

You are looking for a project coordinator or you need an additional partner or expertise? Freesia innovation will act as coordinator or will also take over an important role as partner. A private SME is often an asset in particular in innovation projects or support actions. We take over as partner ethical monitoring or data management according to GDPR, dissemination, communication and innovation management. We analyse policies and conduct impact assessments and feed the project findings in policy development processes. Specific activities concern training of project content and innovation related activities and processes in particular in the area of trust by design, trust and trustworthiness of digital processes, services and products.

EU liaisons and marketing

The objective of this service is to make known your ideas, your activities and your findings to the European institutions and to the relevant stakeholders. The objective of this liaisons are among others finding support, awareness and partners. This includes presentations at info days or brokerage events and contributions to consultations meetings and similar relevant events and also visits to project officers at the European commission.

Training and coaching, strategic consulting

Freesia innovation assists you in building up the capacity of your staff in grant writing, project management and all other activities related to fund raising for your projects. We will also consult you in setting up your own research strategy. We coach you also in writing your proposal by yourself during periodic meetings and reviews of the proposal preparation process.

Evaluation and review, second opinion

It is always a good idea, if you present your proposal, application or project deliverables for double check or second opinion to experts, which have not been directly involved in the making of these papers. This is a good simulation of the situation and time evaluators and project reviewers will dedicate to your results and helps you to test, how your elaborations are seen by third parties You can make last refinements before submission. Freesia innovation will conduct a pre-evaluation or review under the conditions and with the reporting of a real evaluator or reviewer.