Our areas of activity

Policies and strategies as background for EU-funding programmes

With the European Commission 2019 – 2024 strategies and policies will be revisited by the new Commissioners inline with the strategic priorities of Ursula van der Leyen. Policies define needs for research and education programmes like Horizon Europe and Erasmus 2021 – 2027. These policies look at the challenges and strategic goals of the World and of the EU and design programmes, call for proposals and topics, asking the research and innovation community to propose projects for finding solutions for the challenges and improvements of policies.

Freesia innovation can identify for you the policy background of the given call topics as a foundation of developing the research proposal and of its objectives. Related to this, freesia innovation will also contribute to the identification of the impact on the society and on the market, if the objectives of the proposal are achieved. To this end, freesia innovation defines the relevant policy makers and suggests activities together with them.

Research and Innovation

Horizon Europe is the biggest research funding programme in the world and freesia innovation helps you to be successful in raising funds from this programme. Among the different programme strands, freesia innovation will identify the best place for your idea and guide you to the preparation of a project proposal. If you do not have a specific idea, we will discuss with you, which areas of activity could be of interest for you and we will look for coordinators where you can participate in their projects. In any case, freesia innovation will release you from the administrative burden of proposal writing and can focus on the idea and on your contribution.

Freesia innovation is specialized in innovation and in trust and trustworthiness in digital transformation, in line with strategic priorities of the European Commission. In related projects freesia innovation can take over the coordination or you find a reliable partner in your team.