About us

freesia innovation e.U. is a private think tank specialised in digital transformation, trust and liasions to the European Union.

The first pillar of our expertise is the transformation of interdisciplinary scientific knowledge about trust and trustworthiness into innovative and trustworthy processes, products and services in digital transformation. Products and services using disruptive technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data and Robotics needs to have trustworthiness as an immanent property. Trustworthiness in this sense goes beyond compliance, data protection, technical security and usability. It builds up on the principles of European values and Fundamental Rights. Principles, which are important not only in the offline world but also in the online world. To this end, trustworthiness calibrates perspectives of ethics, law, sociology, psychology, economics and technology
Our second pillar is support and collaboration in your EU activities. We can act as a coordinator, as a partner or as a consultant in EU projects as a private SME. Here our activities include EU liaisons, proposal preparation, grant writing, project management, training, coaching, evaluations and reviews. We guide you how to contribute to different activities of the European institutions and how to bring in your ideas, in particular as proposals for funded projects. We identify the policies and strategies in the context of your activities, identify the stakeholders at European level and connect you with the developments in your area and with other relevant actors and networks. We enhance your visibility and create awareness for your activities. We coach your staff and assist you in managing your project.

You can engage with us in a flexible risk-free manner, ask for a framework contract of 10 consulting days for a test.